Former Iloilo provincial administrator to Mar: “Mar showed he was just all theatrics, with no delivery.”

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, former Iloilo provincial administrator, Manuel “Boy” Mejorada took time to discuss the actions of defeated presidential candidate, Manuel “Mar” Roxas, through his Facebook page.

Mejorada was prompted to write the post because he was apparently triggered by a photo of Roxas that he saw. In the photo, Roxas was looking over the damage a flood had done to Capiz.

He went on to discuss how Roxas should have been highly embarrassed about the photo, considering that when he was the Secretary for the Department of Trade and Industry during the time of former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, he initiated projects intended to control potential damage brought about by mega floods.

According to Mejorada, Roxas inititated these projects but never actually finished them. Mejorada also mentions that he has first hand knowledge over these things because he has attended meetings intended to discuss the projects when he was still Iloilo Provincial Administrator.

He also claims that Roxas did all these to feed into his portfolio for his presidential candidacy.

Mejorada ended his post by saying all these were simply for show and because of it, Capiz and these other areas still suffer.

Here is his full post:

Two days ago, I came across pictures of former DILG and defeated presidential candidate Mar Roxas inspecting flood damage in the Province of Capiz.

He should be ashamed doing that. As far back as 15 years ago, Mar already initiated what could have become mega-flood control projects for the province when he was still DTI Secretary under Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

I remember that as Iloilo Provincial Administrator, I attended meetings and workshops to discuss this and other projects for Capiz, Iloilo, Aklan and Antique.
It was clear Mar was setting up the springboard for his candidacy for President after Gloria.

But nothing came out of it. Mar showed he was just all theatrics, with no delivery. And so this is the reason that until now, Capiz continues to suffer heavily from floods.”

Source: newspunchupdate, facebook
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