Isang Netizen, Humingi Ng Hustisya Matapos Ang Misteryosong Pagkamatay Ng Kanyang Tita Sa Kuwait At Wala Ng Laman Loob Ang Bangkay Ng Makarating Sa Pilipinas

A Facebook user warned other overseas Filipino workers of her aunt’s tragic fate in Kuwait. On January 10, Gracel Ann Hukdong posted disturbing photos of the remains of her deceased aunt, Liezl Trus Hukdong, whom she said suffered in the hands of her employers in Kuwait.

In the first part of her post, Gracel named the agency that Liezl worked for as well as her principal and direct employers. According to her, she and her family were shocked to receive a call last December 19, 2017, informing them that Liezl committed suicide by hanging herself. She said they could not believe that their aunt was capable of doing such a thing.

Gracel said her aunt went abroad on December 17, 2016, exactly one year before her death. She also claimed that Liezl went to Kuwait with another relative.

When they got there, their relative immediately posted photos of her and Liezl looking happy. Gracel said she and her family were still able to talk to their aunt in September 2017 via online chat. By November, however, they noticed that Liezl deactivated her Facebook account and has not communicated with them since. When they asked their relative how Liezl was doing, she merely answered “OKAY LANG DAW“.

Gracel asked their relative for a photo of her aunt to see how she was doing, but the latter only replied “OKAY NGA LANG“.

Because of this, the Hukdongs believed their relative that she was doing fine. To Gracel’s surprise, however, she received a phone call on the morning of December 19, 2017, from Liezl’s employer. She was then told the horrible news.

Gracel and her family immediately asked their relative for details, to which the latter replied that the information is still unconfirmed.

The Hukdongs then sought the help of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration to obtain information about their deceased aunt. However, OWWA was also surprised to learn of Liezl’s death as she was still registered as an active worker in their database. Apparently, no one called their office to declare her death.

On January 5, the Hukdongs were horrified to see that Liezl’s remains bore a lot of bruises. They were also shocked to see that their aunt’s skin was sliced from the chin down and sewn back.

Despite not wanting to look further, the Hukdongs knew that they had to investigate. When the embalmer opened up the body again, he saw that Liez’s organs have been harvested. Everything had been removed except for her liver and intestines. Even her brain and eyes were removed. Her body was also stuffed with cloth to make it look like she still had her organs.

Gracel said she and her whole family could not stomach the fate that their aunt suffered, thus her Facebook post. She called on their relative to come forward and explain what really happened. Gracel asked her where the autopsy results were, if it was indeed true that their relative had an autopsy conducted on Liezl before sending her body home. She also posted photos of the pertinent documents concerning the death of her aunt.

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