Usec. Badoy defends Sec. Cayetano amid passport fiasco: “Give him a bit more time to fix this the way you’ve given the President”

Following the surge in numbers of the netizens reporting the corruption that is supposedly happening in the Department of Foreign Affairs, everyone puts the blame to its head DFA Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano.

The recently-surfaced scandal is allegedly lurking in the corners of the said department for such a long time already, making it hard as rock to be smashed by the incumbent official.

Passport appointment scheduling is the issue that is reported to be taken advantage of by the corrupt individuals working inside our Foreign Affairs’ department.

Appointment setting for passport application is an issue almost every Filipinos are having a hard time doing. This is due to its availability that are very far from the current date. That is where the said-to-be unscrupulous illegal activity is taking place.

Reportedly, there is an on-going selling of the slots for passport appointment under the table. Its advantage? You get to set an appointment earlier than that of what is available on the DFA’s website, except that the one online is certainly free of charge.

This is where the alarmingly increasing numbers of concerned netizens enraged about such anomaly are coming from.

Even so, Presidential Communications Operations Office Lorraine Marie T. Badoy asks everyone to hear her out on what she has to say about the concerned secretary.

Check out her full post below

I’ve never asked anything of this sort from you guys but I am hoping you can, at the very least, hear me out this one time that I ask this of you—that you cut Secretary Alan Cayetano some slack—those of you who are sorely disappointed in him re passport fiasco. It is understandable but not warranted, this disappointment.

I am not saying that you don’t demand of him what you must—that he do his job and do it well. Because he is up to it.

I am only asking that you give him a bit more time to fix this the way you’ve given the President we love more time to fix our drug/traffic/corruption/poverty problems.

I’m real good in managing stress. I think this comes from my being a long distance runner. And that I meditate daily.

But this stint in government has me floundering. My husband needs to step in and take me to the beach or some faraway place on weekends where I can learn to breathe again and where I feel my soul again. And I have needed medical attention a number of times where before I hardly saw the inside of a hospital.

And I’m just Undersecretary.

I cannot, truly, imagine what it is a Secretary goes through. I think I would be a royal mess if I were in their shoes.

I no longer wonder why the President chose him as his running mate. He is truly the President’s alter ego. A worthy choice.

His love for country is plain as day to see. When he talks about country, there is a catch in his voice and his eyes deepen. And his passion to serve wipes out all the nasty things I’ve thought and said about politicians. HE GETS THINGS DONE.

The passport fiasco has been around for decades. And so much like our drug, traffic, corruption, poverty problems, it’s not going to take just a few months to fix it.

And in the meantime, we who have been tasked to fix things are going a little bonkers by just how slow the bureaucracy and everything is and we only have this much time to fix all these brokenness we see.

This is the frustration a lot of us presidential appointees share with him.

But it will get fixed. This is the Duterte administration. We get things done.

I am only asking that you try to understand that a problem as deeply-rooted as this asks the best of us—and even then, it won’t be overnight.

But he is on to it.

I only wanted to tell you I have come to know this guy, our Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

And that he has such a good heart and like the President, his heart is all ours too. The will to serve and the resolve to make right what has been wrong for a long time are all there. And his love for country moves me.

He deserves our trust and support.

Thank you, mah prends.

Source: Lorraine Marie T. Badoy, thetrumpeteer
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